Sparkz: sparkling and upcoming


Now, in this hot summer weather, I always think I need a new summer closet. All clothes from last year aren’t nice anymore and I think I have too few clothes and dull clothes and so on. Because of the fact that I’m going to Greece next Sunday, I really needed new summer clothes! And fortunately, here was my guardian angel! This Danish brand Sparkz came to me and asked me to collaborate with them. I think, of all countries in Europe, Denmark is one of the most fashionable and when it comes to fashion and design, the most upcoming and creative. Just like Sparkz. Sparkz is well known in Denmark, and now coming up in the Netherlands and other countries in Europe!

I have to say, this brand is really awesome! What I really love about it, is that they have the perfect sizes. With 1.63 meters I’m a little smaller than ordinary people… and because of that, I don’t fit in a lot of trousers or jeans. I’m always struggling with the waist and the length, but Sparkz did a perfect job for me. I also love the fact that the clothes are very casual, but madly fashionable. Also, the clothes are made of good quality fabric and they are affordable. They have a varied collection, from cute dresses to bold jeans. I think everyone can find some pieces they like!

My Sparkz collection is increasing very fast and they are all, piece by piece, so trendy and nice.

DSC_0506DSC_0741 DSC_0760 DSC_0778 DSC_0803

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