Get one, give one!

Let’s talk about food for a moment. I mean, food is food. It’s normal, it’s here, it’s everywhere. Some people don’t even think about food in a deeper way then something you eat in the morning, through the afternoon and at dinner in the evening. Other people think about it the whole day: don’t eat too much, eat healthy. Some people even make their profession of it. But stop for a minute and think about the horrible fact that there are so many people living on this earth who still can’t buy food for themselves and their children. Lots of people on this earth don’t even know about superfood, chia seeds, goji berries or quinoa and who are so intensely happy with just a little piece of food or a hand full of rice. I want you to realize for a moment how blessed we are that we can eat whatever we want, whenever we want. It shouldn’t be ‘normal’ when not everyone can have it. At this moment people are starving from hunger and I think that now, in 2016, it’s more than time for something to change. So let’s help where we can. Every little bit helps!

I found this brand: Tastees. They enable you to give your favorite dish to someone who really needs it. That’s why the heading is: ‘Get one, give one!’. Not only the idea is fair, the products are fair also. The shirts are made of 100% cotton in fair factories where only green materials and dyes are used. Ánd every shirt is unique.

From every shirt you buy, 4  euro goes directly to the UN World Food Programme (WFP). This organization fights against hunger and famine. From the 4 euros 20 children can be provided to lunch or a family can get a cooker to make their own food. It’s needed because every day 795 million people still die of hunger.

Here’s my Tastee: BOERENKOOL. Typical Dutch! It’s a cabbage which you eat with smoked sausage. Really nice! Try it, or give it to someone who needs it! And, on top of it: your shirt will be delivered in a pizza box. So nice!

2C4A8158 Rebecca
Shoes: O’Quirey 
2C4A8165 Rebecca
Earrings: Nach Bijoux
2C4A8173 Rebecca
Pictures made by Jesaja Hizkia

Shop yours here!

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