Weekdiary | Christmas

Hello everybody! Christmas is coming and I’m getting more and more excited everyday! Because this is my favorite season, I always love to make it as big as possible. Every year again I buy new Christmas decoration and I just love to walk through all the Christmas departments in general. If you are visiting Amsterdam during […]

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A little trip to Aachen

As you might have noticed, a few weeks ago I went to Aachen for three days. I saw a theater play of The Westside Story there. A friend of mine played a role in that production, so that was the reason I decided to spend a long weekend in Aachen. Aachen is not a very special town, but […]

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WeekDiary | Crete

Hello there! Sorry for the fact I haven’t been posting for a while, but I was on a holiday! So, here comes a two-weeks-diary! I was on holiday in Crete and I had the most wonderful time on that beautiful island. It was so amazing. I did a lot of things and there were such beautiful […]

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