A stylish trip to Amsterdam | Food

My last post was about shopping, now it’s about food. If I go out for dinner, I love those little, cosy and romantic but stylish and trendy restaurants. My favorites are:

  • George. This is definitely my number 1. I love to go to George W.P.A, but their other restaurants are also trendy and they serve delicious food. You can have breakfast, lunch or dinner. I could recommend the pasta vongole and the calamares. Very delightful.
  • Nel Amstelveld. This restaurant is located in the centre of Amsterdam and in summer, you’ll find the most amazing terrace in Amsterdam here. You can sit there in the sun like the whole day and in the evening they always light a garland of all romantic light bulbs.
  • Pizzabakkers. If you want to eat pizza, don’t go to the Leidseplein area! Those restaurants are the typical tourists restaurants with the 5€ pizza’s. (but if you want 5€ pizza’s or other cheap food: this is your place to be). Pizzabakkers is my favorite Italian restaurant. You can order not only pizza, but also pasta and other delicious Italian food. It is very affordable and also very pleasant.
  • Bar Moustache, similar to Nel and also in the Centre of Amsterdam. Also very affordable and very cosy, and after a long shopping day in the Utrechtsestraat, settle here with a great glass of wine and a delicious menu!
  • Van ‘t Spit. This new-bee has such a great concept. Van ‘t Spit only serves roast chicken with fries, corncob or salad. So if you love chicken: visit Van ‘t Spit.
  • de-Plantage-Buiten-Herfst-150-copyCafe-Restaurant de Plantage. If you would like to visit Amsterdam’s zoo Artis, I could recommend Cafe-Restaurant de Plantage, located in the zoo. They serve a great breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you go for dinner here in summer, you can have dinner, just like you can by Nel, under a ceiling of intimate little light bulbs. Just like all the above mentioned restaurants, this one is also affordable and has a great menu.

If you are looking for good-quality, but not so expensive sushi, you must visit Umi – Sushi & Grill. It is not the most intimate restaurant, but the sushi is delicious! If I have to go for a lunch I love to visit:

  • Bagels & Beans: for their delicious variety of bagels and they have great coffees and tea’s. All biologic. (tip: try their brownies!! For now seriously the best brownies I’ve ever ate. Damn delicious!)
  • De Bakkerswinkel: If you want scones with clotted cream and jam or other delicious pastries, go to De Bakkerswinkel!
  • De Foodhallen. This is one of the greatest newcomers in Amsterdam. You have De Hallen, where you can find a cinema, library and all kinds of other cultural activities. They also have the Local Goods Market where you can find food but also very great jewelry, clothes and other stuff. It is such a great place to visit and if you are there you have to visit De Foodhallen. They have all kinds of food. Also all biological and natural.

If you are not in the neighborhood of one of these places, you can also just go to the canal district, every where you look you just have the one after the other bar, cafe or lunchroom. FEBOThe people who know me, will understand why I couldn’t post this blogpost without mentioning my favorite fast food company FEBO. If you are looking for a typical Amsterdam’s taste… You have to go to the FEBO. I feel very bad to say this, but FEBO is my favorite place to be (for fast food!). I could recommend the ‘kalfsvlees kroket’ (veal croquette). I’m sure there are thousands of people on the world who disgust this, but me as a Dutch girl… I just love it. Always when I have this fast food kick I go to my beloved FEBO in De Leidsestraat and I just get one ‘out of the wall’. You’ll see.. When you get there. For the diehard cat-lovers among us: Amsterdam thought about you too! At April 22nd ‘Kopjes‘ opens his doors for all the people on the world who love to pet cute cats while drinking a cup of coffee and eating a piece of cake! I think it is the greatest concept of all! If you want to taste typical Dutch food, go to a cafe and order ‘bitterballen’. I am in love with this food. It is finger food and the inside consist of ragout and the outside is breaded. It is similar to the croquette. You can also order ‘bittergarnituur’: a selection of bitterballen, kaassouffle (breaded cheese), spring rolls, beef sausages, cheese cubs and more fried food. It is really delicious and all finger food! If you want a real dutch supper you have to visit a Dutch culinair restaurant or you can make it yourself if you want to. Try ‘boerenkool met rookworst’ or ‘andijvie-stamppot’, Besides the above mentioned we also have ‘pannenkoeken en poffertjes’, similar to pancakes and blini’s, but way better! And we actually really eat chocolate on our bread: hagelslag. I can’t imagine living without it, it’s the best! And furthermore we have ‘stroopwafels’, ‘drop’ and ‘speculaas’. I hope you’ll enjoy this culinary round trip!

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