My jewelry collection

I’m so sorry I haven’t posted something for so long… I was too busy. I know that isn’t a good reason but to make it up to you guys, I will post an extra long post! ūüėČ

So, I was thinking about what I should post this time. And I came up with the idea that maybe it would be nice if I introduce you to my jewelry collection!

I have been collecting jewelry¬†since I was a little girl. My motto is: you can never¬†have enough jewelry, because you can create a whole new outfit with the same clothes but different¬†jewels. When I was little I always went to the Accessorize. I think I bought for maybe 1000 euros of jewelry there.. It was crazy. Mostly the jewelry were, compared to my present taste, very ugly.. I mean: I was a little child.. I didn’t have a very good taste of fashion at that time. But I saved the ones I still like (a little bit).

When the time came that I realized I was too old for the Accessorize, I started buying real, more exclusive and tasteful jewelry. Things like real gold and silver or good gold plated stuff because I knew that they won’t become ugly when you wore it like three times.

Because I had an earring-buy addiction, I shot my first ear piercings only less than a year ago. Time by time, I found¬†an other addiction. For now I’m addicted to buying rings. I keep buying rings like the whole time. The last rings I bought were in Paris. On one day, I bought four rings for the price of 200 euro’s. When I told my mom she said very strictly: darling, be careful¬†spending your money! And she’s right.. But I can’t stop buying them..

Rings I bought lately
Rings I bought lately

Because I have so many jewelry, I’ll only show you my favorite ones. I hope you guys like them. And if you know any fancy jewelry sites or stores… LET ME KNOW!! ūüėČ

I don’t have a real jewelry-style… I think it will come in time. In the past, I was really into silver, but now I’m more into fragile and gold jewelry. I also like vintage jewelry. I have some inherited from my grandmother and great-grand mother. I also bought some in vintage stores.

Well, first I’ll show you my Accessorize collection!

123456789 123456  gfgulkjpo;


Okay, that was my Accessorize collection. Now I’m going to show you the jewelry I wear daily.

  19 Rebecca2j


A few of my daily-wear jewelry I bought in my favorite store in Amsterdam: JAN. It is a conceptstore in ‘de 9 straatjes’, a very fancy district on the canals of Amsterdam with very trendy¬†stores. If you ever go to Amsterdam, visit JAN! I would recommend it to everybody because besides jewels, they also sell baby clothes, bags, shoes, cookbooks and many other things! If I ever have to buy a birthday present and I don’t know what to buy, I will go to JAN!

As I said before about my ring- addiction… This wasn’t my first ring-addiction period. When I was younger I had one before.. Here I’ll show you the rings I collected in the past. Of course not all the rings because there are way too many! (I also made the jewelry case myself!)




And besides my ring-addiction I also collected other things:





And now I think I’m into fragile and gold jewelry. In spite of the fact that they are more expensive, they are of¬†better quality and last way longer.


And finally, the jewels I inherited from my grandmother and great-grandmother and some of my mothers items!



I hope you enjoyed my post!



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