My Mura Pehnec handbag

Hello March! Spring is coming so I’m already extending my spring-closet! And this beautiful handbag perfectly fits in my spring collection!

A few days ago I received this treasure and I immediately fell in love with it! Mura Pehnec is a Croatian fashion designer and every handbag of Mura Pehnec is unique and expertly handmade, beautifully crafted and all made of luxury Italian leather. It is a pretty spacious handbag, it’s not a clutch format but one size bigger. The front is silver with a sort of nude crocodile leather. The inside is lavender.




DSCN04461                 DSCN04145



Because Mura Pehnec is an upcoming brand, they haven’t really got a webshop yet, but you can contact them via Facebook. On her Facebook page it shows, that Mura Pehnec really has an eye for combining textures, colours and fabrics, producing a collection that suits all tastes. I think, that Mura Pehnec creates unique and stylish leather handbags, the finishing touch to every outfit, that will last you a lifetime. Here are some of my favourites:


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