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For a while now I have been wondering how I could give my followers a closer look into my life and I thought, maybe I could write a week-dia
ry.  I think it would be nice if you knew a little bit more about my life, what I do all day or on what kind of things I have been working on that week. 

This week I have been preparing for my selection day at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI). It is a very sophisticated fashion study in Amsterdam and I signed up for the Fashion and Branding section. I had to fill in a questionnaire and I had to write a motivation-letter. Today I had to go the AMFI in order to make a sort of ‘secret assignment’ there and after that I had a motivation interview. I was very excited about it, because of all people who apply for this study, only an average of 25% will be picked out. So let’s hope I’ll be one of them! 

For my motivation interview I was planning to do something special. I didn’t t want to just show them my portfolio, I wanted to show them something different. They have already seen all kinds of portfolio’s the whole day, so I did something completely different: I presented them MyStyleSuitcase, filled with 3 boxes: one named ‘Personal’, one named ‘Stylish’ and one named ‘Travel’. It stands for My (personal) Style (stylish) Suitcase (travel). In those boxes I have collected pictures, quotes, little things, tickets and all kind of original items etc. In ‘Personal’ you’ll find some pictures of myself, things I like and I collected some valuable stuff like rings and necklaces. In ‘Stylish’ you’ll find my style icons, stylish pictures, collages and things like that. In ‘Travel’ you’ll find wanderlust and for example things I want to do in my life. 

It went very well! The ‘secret assignment’ consisted off three parts: a quiz, an essay where I had to describe my favorite dress item and I had to make a mood board, inspired by an old fashion picture. I had to make a concept of what I wanted for a photoshoot. With that concept the photographer was supposed to understand straight away what I meant. Besides those assignments I also had the motivation interview. I think that also went very well! Let’s hope!

Further this week I had the last days of high school and I had a party to celebrate my GCSE’s. It’s pretty weird that we had our GCSE-party before we even entered the exams, don’t you think… Well, that was fun. We also had the ‘April Fests’ in Amsterdam. It is in the centre of Amsterdam, at the Nieuwmarkt with some alternative bands, food and drinks and a little big wheel, we call it ‘reuzenrad’ and a lovely carrousel. Every year I’m at the April Fests and I just love it. It feels like a little reunion: you see lots of people, from primary school and from high school!

I also had something else to celebrate: one and a half year jubilee with my boyfriend! But we haven’t celebrated it yet… So I think that would be in the coming weekend and we probably will have dinner at a lovely and cosy restaurant. 

At this moment I am babysitting and they have this dog: Ruby. It’s a beagle and I am totally in love with her. When I entered the house she was like jumping all around me and all she wanted to do was play. She is so happy and I guess she likes me too! (hope so…) Such a cutiepie! 

Well, that was it for this week. I’ll let you know all about my AMFI selection and I’ll tell you about this Dutch traditional event ‘Koningsdag’ (Kingsday) next week! 

Have a nice week! – x

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