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DSC_0977Hello everybody! Hope you have a great day. It’s May now, and I can’t stop enjoying all the blooming flowers and all the cherry blossom everywhere you look. It’s something magical. I am in love with the spring season. It feels like everything is beginning all over again and everything goes on where it stopped when autumn came. This week has been hectic and, just like last week, I had to prepare for my GCSE’s again… It is like it will never stop. Especially economics isn’t my greatest asset. But I’ll pass!

Monday we had Kingsday! It is a national event and we celebrate the birthday of our king Willem-Alexander. Everybody in our country is dressed in orange and everything is decorated with orange balloons or flags and everybody displays the Dutch flag. In the centre of Amsterdam, everywhere you look you can see people partying, drinking, dancing and people sell stuff on the streets. It is pretty fun! Except in case you hate overcrowding and pressure… The night before Kingsday (Kingsnight) I went to the last day of the April Fests.

Back again at the exams. Every morning I go sporting at the gym and after that I continue my study work. Today I did my pilates session and tomorrow I am going to do my shape-workout! It is an everything-in-one-workout and it is pretty hard and exhausting, but worth it! I have to think about my summer body after all! And besides that, it’s a great way to wake up and be fit!

Friday I had my grandfathers birthday, he turned 88! He is such a cutie. He is suffering from dementia, but he tries so hard to act like everything is fine IMG_4787with him. He says he can still drive like a master… Well, if you call driving like a master by hitting every sidewalk or every pole… I love him though.

Yesterday I had the wedding of my boyfriends uncle and his wife. It was magical. It was so adorable and sweet and everyone was so happy. I love weddings. I wore my favorite French Connection dress. ->

Yeah.. That was it for this week I guess… Right now I don’t have a pretty interesting life with all the exams and all the learning… I’ll keep you posted!


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