The most relaxing and enchanting stay at Hacienda Na Xamena

Everyone knows Ibiza from the legendary parties. But also a lot of people come to this island because of the spiritual and relaxing part of the island. That’s what I love so much about Ibiza: its diversity. So, if you want to have a relaxing vacation, Ibiza is the right place for that too. And if you’re there anyway, do it right and be sure to visit the most beautiful, brilliant and soothing hotel: Hacienda Na Xamena.

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Actually, to be honest, I only go to the spa on winter sports vacations. After a long day of skiing and snowboarding in the cold winter weather, it’s great to warm up in the sauna. When I went to Ibiza I searched the whole internet for lovely and luxury hotspots and then I found Hacienda Na Xamena. I immediately fell in love with this beautiful place and I thought: I NEED to go there. Amongst all of the spa’s I saw, this was definitely, without any doubt, my number one.

Hacienda Na Xamena is located in the northern parts of Ibiza: Na Xamena, far away from the parties and the vibrant nightlife. At Hacienda Na Xamena, I was introduced by this beautiful lady Irina, who told me everything about the hotel and its history. The philosophy behind this amazing place is to connect you with the surrounding nature and to go back to the natural rhythm of life. I’ve totally experienced that: where ever you are, where ever you stand, at Hacienda Na Xamena you have this great view that gives you the feeling you’re on the same level as the sea. Because the hotel is built on a cliff, you look straight into the sea, without any barricades. The architect did everything they could to retain the perfect balance between you and the surrounding nature: the cliffs, the dazzling blue sky and the turquoise ocean. It really feels like you are enchanted. Every moment of the day is, on its own way, so different and so beautiful. Imagine: during sunset, looking over the beautiful and blinking sea in a perfect warm jacuzzi…

DSC_0425Not quite so strange that Hacienda Na Xamena was the first 5 star hotel on Ibiza. I had the Cascadas Suspendidas treatment: there are 8 various whirlpools, no less than 180 meters above sea level. Every whirlpool has its own bubbles: one in your back, the other on your legs and so on. And of those 8 whirlpools there were 3 different temperatures of natural sea water. You start in lukewarm water, then warmer and then lukewarm again. It was so amazing. During 45 minutes you forget about everything around you and you just can relax completely. PicMonkey Collage1PicMonkey Collage2After the Cascadas Suspendidas treatment I could afterglow in the beautiful restaurant Eden with a delicious cocktail and some little bites. Again, the most beautiful view over the wide ocean and the rough cliffs and rocks.
PicMonkey Collage3I also had a quick view in the hotel and its magnificent suites and rooms. It was amazing. You can admire the beautiful sea out of the bathtub in your hotel room and it was just so luxurious. I can ensure you: everyone who will stay here will come back home with the most enchanting memories and, more important: completely relaxed!

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Hacienda Na Xamena 

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