Top 10 Stylish hotspots in Ibiza

Hola todos! A few days ago I came back from my trip to the island of Ibiza and it was amazing! I spent a whole week on this magnificent island and I miss it so much already… I did some pretty fun stuff out there. I’ll tell you all about my favorite shops, restaurants, spa’s etc.

  1. Definitely my number 1 is the most amazing and relaxing spa I’ve ever seen: Hacienda Na Xamena . That was one of the most amazing and wonderful experiences ever. It was so great, I must tell you more about it in another blogpost about Hacienda Na Xamena itself, because it’s too beautiful to just describe it in this blogpost.
  2. Home Loos. You can find this delicious and very cosy restaurant in Figueretas, 15 minutes from Ibiza-Town. Three years ago I’ve discovered this restaurant and it was just so delicious that I must go back every time I go to Ibiza. Their specialty are tapas, but you can also order other regular food. They also have some Dutch specialties on their menu. I didn’t try those, but I guess, because the owner is Dutch, they are also very delicious!
  3. Natura. This was my newest discovery. This shop is located on Ibiza town and it is sort of a concept store. You can find here interior and home design stuff, funny gadgets, clothes, shoes, jewelry, and a lot more! I loved this shop, not only because it has such a great concept, also because it’s not expensive at all and it smells so delicious there! I seriously wanted everything in that shop! They also sold water for DSC_00581 euro: 50 cent profit, 50 cent for wells in Afrika! So great!
  4. La Oliva. Of course La Oliva. This is my favorite restaurant on Ibiza. So delicious. Located in the narrow streets of the old town of Ibiza, it gives you a real romantic feeling. You definitely need to visit this restaurant!
  5. Adrenaline. This store is also located in the old town of Ibiza town and always when I visit Ibiza, I go here. It is a little boutique with very exclusive jewelry. You can find here very fragile jewelry, but also lovely or very rough jewelry. Around the corner from La Oliva, at Placa de Vila, you’ll find this lovely boutique.
  6. La Brasa. It is like a little fairy tale: having dinner under a ceiling of beautiful flowers, it has these cosy tables in a lovely garden. Amazing! I had this delicious smoked salmon with strawberries. Every little detail is complete in this restaurant. You should also try their chocolate fondant.PicMonkey Collage
  7. There is a little local daily market on Ibiza Town. In the narrow streets and in the harbour area you find those little stalls with all kinds of jewelry and stuff. I found one with the most lovely fragile gold jewelry and I bought two necklaces and one bracelet there! So beautiful and lovely.
  8. Vivi’s Creamery. This ice-cream boutique is so, so delicious. It is like heaven on earth. Their ice cream and sorbets are all handmade. It looks all very lovely and sweet, a little expensive, but definitely worth it.PicMonkey Collage
  9. Atzaro. Consists of a spa and a delicious restaurant. This is such a relaxing and beautiful place to be. Sitting amongst the most beautiful nature and buddha’s, so soothing.
  10. Last but not least of course the hippy market: Las Dalias. There is a reason why it’s so popular and you really should visit this market. Even if you’re not really into hippy-stuff, it is a nice experience and you can find all kinds of things, while a really nice dj doing his thing. They also have really great food out there!

We also went to Portinatx and San Miguel, two little villages located in the northern parts of Ibiza. If you want to see the rough parts of Ibiza, you must visit the northern villages. A valley with steep cliffs and beautiful, aquarel blue seas. If you decide to go to Portinatx, skip the main beach, the one where you get out of the bus or at the taxi-stand. Go your own way and find your own, private little beach. There are lots of little bays where you can settle down. And if you have nothing planned yet, but you want to do something active, just visit Ibiza Town, there is enough to see, eat and discover! Also a great little town: Santa Eulària des Riu.

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