A night at the museum | Oktober 7th 2015

For everyone who is planning a little trip to Amsterdam, and by coincidence next November 7th, I really have an exciting event for you all: Museumnacht! (Museum night). For me, last year was the first time I went there and I loved it! It’s very cosy with everyone and also very interesting. It’s a night when you can visit a lot of museums in Amsterdam. All participating museums will create something special for this night and they’ll arrange all kinds of workshops and trainings for everyone who’s interested! One can go everywhere you want in Amsterdam, Museumnacht is spread over the whole city, so wherever you stay, you’ll find some museum close to your place! AND, best of all, most of the museums serve free food!! What I like the most about this event is that there is something interesting for everyone: history, culture, music, food workshops, photography, lots of alternative workshops like a sign language course and so on.

Last year I visited Nemo (science centre), Artis (zoo), the Stedelijk Museum and the Amsterdam Museum. Those museums were so awesome! For example, Nemo was just awesome, because this museum is mostly for children, but all of the adults will love it too, and it was just like a free visit, with all kinds of interesting experiments and science tests. Also the Stedelijk museum was nice, it’s known for its modern art, so they created a room where the walls were covered with Lego platforms. Everyone could make their own little piece of art. It was so much fun! This year I’m definitely going to these museums again, and this year I also want to try ‘Het Tasjesmuseum Hendrikje‘, (bags museum). I visited that museum once when I was little and it was pretty impressive! Their exhibition was amazing, one of the oldest handbags, very exclusive bags, all kinds of bags! Seriously worth to visit!

Download the app on your phone to see where you can go and to create your own route. You just select the museums you like and then you can see on the map what’s the most clever way to walk.

If you have bought your ticket, you have to print it and show it in any museum you like, you will receive a wristlet and you are free to visit every museum you like! One tip: try to avoid The Rijksmuseum, too crowded. If you want to discover more about Amsterdam, you must visit het Stadsarchief!

Also nice to know: the public transport is free that night for every Museumnacht guest, you’ll get discount on all of the after party’s that night and you’ll receive a repeat visit of all the participating museums till December 31!

Time: 19.00 – 02.00, but be aware that not every museum is open this whole time! Most of them close at 21.00 or 22.00, and after that all the after party’s start.

Buy your tickets here

For more info click here or visit their site.

Hope to see you there! xo



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