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Hi there! Today I have something really exciting! Now that it’s going to be autumn soon I always love to think about what to wear at this time of the year and which colors I can combine. When it’s autumn I always love warm colors like: dark or burgundy red, orange, dark blue, brown and army green. Just like the colors which appear in autumns nature. I love it when I can wear my warm wool sweaters and hoodies again and my new Fiitz slippers with them of course!

DSC_0468For my autumn wardrobe I have found the perfect bag. I have a collaboration with Enji: a Belgium brand which produces the most stunning leather bags. What I love the most about this brand is that they have these little details which make the bags so unique and special: all the bags have this little henna print and it’s amazing. They use those little henna prints because when women paint their hands with henna, it gives them strength and power and happiness. The henna prints are like a signature: a reminder of  femininity and elegance, now in your hands.DSC_0760DSC_0762Have a look at their website, it’s amazing! I was immediately caught by their site.

I am addicted to little handbags. I just can’t get enough of them. I think they are just so handy and it’s a real must have. Just like this one: The Mina – Bordeaux. What I love the most about this little cutie is that the bag is big enough for all my essentials: my phone, my wallet, earphones, my little black book, my sunglasses, portable charger, some lip glosses and other stuff. It all fits in! It also has a little compartment with a zip. Lovely little gadget: I received a portable bag-holder with it. Super handy! 😉


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