A little trip to Aachen

DSC_0656As you might have noticed, a few weeks ago I went to Aachen for three days. I saw a theater play of The Westside Story there. A friend of mine played a role in that production, so that was the reason I decided to spend a long weekend in Aachen. Aachen is not a very special town, but it has a historical centre, which you will notice right away. In Aachen you can visit The Cathedral (Dom) and some other beautiful buildings, like the City Hall and the Grashaus and they also have many hidden sulphur water springs. But Aachen is by no means just a museum. It’s a modern city and also renowned for its relaxed atmosphere. In the evening, people flock to the many restaurants, bars and trendy hangouts. When I walked through the old centre, it felt like I walked in a sort of little fairy tale. Old little houses, little squared rocks on the ground and those beautiful historical buildings, while Autumn was doing his thing. I liked the atmosphere there a lot. Because autumn was starting, I brought my little Enji bag with me.

DSC_0664DSC_0603 DSC_0634 DSC_0604

I was wearing:
Ripped jeans from: Sparkz
Knit from: Monki
Bomberjack from: Avant premiere
Bag from: Enji
T-bangle from: Ariane Ernst Jewelry
Love bracelet: FABxHEMA 
Rings from: JAN 


Ps. If you ever go to Aachen and you want to have some dinner, you MUST go to ‘Ghorban Delikatessen Manufaktur’. It is an Italian deli restaurant. They have all kinds of antipasti, sausages and cuts of cheese and you can drink the most tasty wines! And not expensive at all! It was also very cosy and intimate!


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