The perfect Christmas presents

Hello there. Christmas is coming and I can’t wait until it’s here. I think I start looking forward to this time of the year immediately after the summer vacation. The Christmas period is definitely my favorite time of the year. In The Netherlands we also celebrate ‘Sinterklaas’. It’s pretty much the same as Christmas, but in The Netherlands Sinterklaas is a little more popular than Christmas: we give our gifts on December 5th, when it’s ‘pakjesavond’ (present-night). Some other people also give presents on Christmas, but in my family we give each other presents and read funny poems on December 5th and after that we give each other a little present with Christmas, during our Christmas dinner.

I love Sinterklaas and Christmas so much, but I always get a little stressed about the gifts.. I don’t know what to ask and I don’t know what to give to someone else and stuff. So I thought, I’ll give you guys a little help finding a perfect Christmas present for your beloved family and friends!

For her:

  • Do you want to give your friend a lovely watch, but you don’t really know where to find it? Think about Cluse watches! I am in love with those watches. They are perfect!
  • As you might have noticed, I love jewelry. If I don’t have a specific idea of what I want for Christmas, I always ask for fine jewelry. I think that’s always a great gift for women! Have a look at the jewelry from Addicted To!
  • TimeCapsules_Wedding_01Make History has created this amazing TimeCapsule to save your memories for in the future! I love the concept: it is the best way to hold on moments in your life: wedding, your future house and so on! Including a lovely journal, tapes, stickers etc.


  • Also from Make History: this Little Quote Jar . For all kinds of quotes you love, but for example also for your new year’s resolutions 😉


  • Instead of gifting your friends or family an ordinary speaker, give them this super awesome, more retro speaker.
  • A nice scented candle from Diptyque which also looks so beautiful and luxurious!



  • Give your friend a lovely new pyjama from Marigot!
    I am in love with these pyjama’s! The perfect cozy Christmas present!

And if your friend has a very expensive taste, you can also decide to give an expensive present with the whole family! Or a gift card from her favorite fashion label!

I found this site with all kinds of photography gadgets for your phone or handy gadgets you can take with you in your pocket! Super handy site! Think about a Polaroid photo printer for your phone or several lenses which transform your regular lens into a micro or a fish eye lens! Have a look at

I think the most difficult presents are the presents for men. Not only for Christmas, but always. When I ask my boyfriend what he wants for his birthday or whatever day you are supposed to give your boyfriend a present, he answers: ‘I don’t know. I like everything’, which is NOT true, because when I name some examples he says: ‘no, not that.’ (!!!) Very frustrating. So if you’re having the same problems as I have, here’s a list: 😉

  • Most of the boys like beer, don’t they? So, make them a little creative and give them some culinary experience: let them make their own beer!
  • This site is the best: Cool Material ! Have a look at this site, I can assure you that you’ll find some awesome gifts for your friends, boyfriendgastenboek-voor-op-de-wc-ac1, father or brother!
  • This one is not only for men, because I also really love it: the Bathroom Guest Book! Such an original idea! And it also looks so cute.
  • Do you have a very slovenly friend, who always eats above his desk or whatever, buy him this cute Henry Desk Vacuum. It’s so cute, I love it!


I hope these sites and presents can help you a little bit and I wish you a lot of success with the Christmas shopping! I always love to give my friends gifts and to think about what to give them this year! I know in any event what to give my friends this year! 😉


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