Hidden Treasures | Amsterdam

IMG_2951IMG_2967Most people know Amsterdam from the canals, the museums and the Red Light District, but as every other city Amsterdam has way more than that. Here is one of the rough sides of Amsterdam. I went to the Havenstraat, where you can find plenty of containers, industrial buildings, a historic museum-tram and, best of all: a garage with classic motor vehicles. There were several classic cars, like a Mercedes-Benz 280 SE from 1972 and a Volvo 164 from 1973! I thought it was just so awesome.

I became excited to shoot there, and the results are pretty amazing!

IMG_2966 IMG_2942 IMG_2941 IMG_2952IMG_2940IMG_3003IMG_3004IMG_2962IMG_2954 (1)IMG_2958


 Scarf: & Other Stories Jacket: French Connection Knit: Vintage Jeans: Levi’s Boots: Zara Bag: Enji Bracelet: Ariane Ernst Jewelry


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