Style guide: London

IMG_2731Hello! As you all know I’ve been to London two weeks ago and here is my three-days diary from my amazing trip! Every year I go to London and every year it’s even more special. The last few years I actually went to London for a short New-Year’s-Shopping-Trip, just like this year. I’ve already seen all the highlights, but I still love to see them all!

Day 1: around 12 o’clock we arrived at Heathrow Airport and after our arrival we took the Underground to Kensington High Street, where we stayed in a lovely hotel. I love Kensington; it’s not so crowded as in other areas in London and the houses and surroundings are so beautiful and looked after.

IMG_2279That day we walked through Kensington Gardens and High Park, towards Harrods and Harvey Nichols. Because it was after Christmas the sale was huge. In the afternoon we had lunch on Harrods’ rooftop at the Mezzah lounge. The food was perfect. I had Halloumi which I’m crazy about, it’s so delicious. You should try it! Later that day we went to Topshop and walked to Sloane Square where we visited Kate Spate, which you must visit too. After shopping we had diner at Colbert. Try their cheesecake! Delicious. IMG_2678DSC_0409DSC_0411 IMG_2679DSC_0418Day 2: The second day of my New-Year’s-Shopping-Trip we first went to Bills to have some breakfast. After the delightful breakfast we went to my favorite neighborhood in London, Covent Garden. In Covent Garden you will find Seven Dials, a junction of 7 streets and a sort of little shopping village. I love it. After Seven Dials we went to Oxford Street where I bought several things at French Connection, my favorite shop.

IMG_2681 IMG_2682 IMG_2332IMG_2733DSC_0673

Next stop was The Melody for our traditional Afternoon Tea. At The Melody we choose for the Unlimited Champagne Afternoon Tea and I must say: it was amazing. It was so delicious and enjoyable! After the Afternoon Tea we went for quick shopping at Kensington High Street. In the evening I had dinner at Sticky Fingers, legendary Rolling Stones rocker Billy Wyman’s famous American Restaurant in the heart of Chelsea. It was nice, food for getting your fingers dirty and your face sticky, but a bit disappointing and I wouldn’t go back there. After dinner we had a few drinks at The Goat Pub.IMG_2689 IMG_2687 IMG_2686 IMG_2685 IMG_2684

Day 3: The last day of our visit to London we were around 9 o’clock already on our way. Because it was our last day I wanted to do a lot of things so we had to spend our time properly! First we wanted to go to the Rooftop Gardens, but unfortunately they were closed… So we decided to go to Victoria’s Secret, because I needed some new bras. It was so crowded there, I immediately became grumpy. After Victoria’s Secret we went to Piccadilly Circus and to Carnaby Street and finally we walked to the Thames and the Big Ben, because I just love to be in that neighbourhood. That was our last stop and we headed back to Heathrow, because our plane was waiting for us.

IMG_2324IMG_2710It was again such an amazing trip. Every time I visit London, I love it. It’s such a beautiful city, you definitely must visit this city at least once! I fell in love with it when I visited it for the first time, and I think many people will have the same feeling.IMG_2257DSC_0713

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