An enchanting spa week in Vital Hotel Edelweiss

IMG_0145Hi there! Because I had lots of content left from my snowboard trip, I’m writing this new one about the spa and the wellness.

I had several spa treatments during my stay in Vital Hotel Edelweiss. Before my trip I did some research about what they had to offer. It sounded really great and a little mysterious.

I had the Pure Altitude. That is a facial treatment. First they cleansed my face and neck with a soft scrub which removed all the old and damaged skin cells. After that they removed the barley’s and other imperfections. Then my skin was exfoliated and subsequently I had an amazing mask and a day cream. My skin felt so soft after this treatment. All renewed and recovered.IMG_0146IMG_0147The next treatment was the Stubai Heublumen. That was a whole new experience for me! I was told something about a water-bed, so I thought I had to lay down on a bed or something. But when I arrived I saw a sort of deep cradle filled with dried grass. The beauty therapist explained to me that they used in this cradle their own grass from around the hotel and that grass stimulates your blood circulation and strengthens your immune system. It also helps against the cold. First the therapist applied a sugar scrub, then she wrapped me in very warm blankets. After that she lowered me in the water-bed. The water was so warm and it felt just amazing. It was such an experience.IMG_4963IMG_0142I also had a head- and neck massage. Because I regularly have a headache I thought it would be a good idea to have this massage. It felt really great. I can recommend this treatment to everyone. She massaged my head, face, neck, nape and my chest.IMG_0143IMG_0144Last but not least I had the Gletschertraum. This one is especially for those who have a dry skin! It was a full body peeling and they used snow crystals for this treatment. After the beauty therapist massaged my body with the snow crystal crème she wrapped me in a blanket so the snow crystals melted. During that she massaged my face with jade stones. My whole body felt incredibly soft after this treatment. I felt so soft just like a baby!

Well, I think we could say I had an amazing spa week there in Vital Hotel Edelweiss. If you go on a holiday, especially a ski holiday, please allow and award yourself to have a little time for yourself and plan a treatment. You can just relax and think about nothing. And after a busy skiing or snowboarding day, I also can recommend you to plan a treatment, because your muscles and your body relax and renew during and after a treatment.

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