MyStyleSuitcase in jail

IMG_5089Hi guys, I have to tell you something… I have been in prison for a couple of hours… It was SO much fun!

In Rotterdam there’s the Noordsingel Prison. One of the oldest prisons in The Netherlands and till 2012 it was a regular prison. Now it’s a playground for the Prison Escape. All the prison cells are decorated in American style.

Together with 140 other ‘prisoners’ you must try to escape within 3 hours. Experience yourself how it feels to be an inmate in the Noordsingel Prison and how it feels to find a way out all by yourself. So if you ever visit The Netherlands and you want to do something else than sight-seeing? Take the train to Rotterdam and be a part of your own movie for 3 hours and feel the adrenaline running through your whole body. But be quick, because someday this prison won’t exist anymore…

Want to know what happened inside? Find out yourself and maybe you’ll be the next one who escapes… If you escape…

Click here to turn yourself in.

From the 17.000 prisoners 15.000 actually escaped. Will you be one of the escapees or will you be there for another 10 years?

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