A relaxing 21 hours in a Love Bubble


This article is about a very special place in The Netherlands. I wanted to organize something nice with my boyfriend, so I searched on the internet for a lovely hotel or something like that. Then my eye fell on this great concept: The Love Bubbles. The Love Bubbles are beautiful cottages and houses in Lochem, in the woodland surroundings in ‘the Achterhoek’, where you can stay with your love or your beloved family and friends!

I stayed at the Lotus Bubble: a cosy little cottage in the beautiful countryside near the village of Lochem. We arrived there around 3 pm and I couldn’t believe my eyes. In the middle of the trees and bushes I saw this sort of pyramid-shaped cottage. It looked so wonderful and peaceful, just in the middle of the nature, where it was so quiet and restful. We were welcomed with chocolate fondue (you can’t make me happier) and a tour through the Lotus Bubble. We had a jacuzzi, a hot-tub, a sauna, a huge bed, a great terrace with a view of the pasture and a cosy little fireplace. After we chilled in the hot-tub we had dinner… Well, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was so delicious and so much food. I loved it. All in all: it was just like a dream. 
IMG_5308IMG_5317IMG_5318IMG_5316IMG_5309IMG_5315IMG_5181IMG_5320IMG_5173 IMG_5307 IMG_5311IMG_5314IMG_5162 IMG_5312 IMG_5313IMG_5310Click here to book your Love Bubble!

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