Hidden treasures | Amsterdam

IMG_5041This new treasure is one of my favorites. Yes, it is a huge tourist trap, but if it’s your first time in Amsterdam, you may not know this special place.IMG_5083

In the middle of one of the busiest spots of Amsterdam, near to ‘Het Spui’, you’ll find ‘Het Begijnhof’. A little court surrounded by typical Amsterdam houses. From the beginning in 1307 (!) only women were allowed to live there. No kids, no husbands, only ladies. That tradition is still maintained. First only roman catholic nuns, now just ladies, with no regards to religion. Also funny: you are only allowed to live there from 30 years of age and the rent is moderate, because the idea is that it’s accessible for everyone! I think the best thing about Het Begijnhof is that it’s always quiet. Everybody whispers out of respect for the ladies who live there. Imagine: everyday more than a thousand people who come by your houses just to watch.

I thought it would be nice to show you this special part of Amsterdam combined with fashion! So here we go:

IMG_5082 IMG_5047


IMG_5076 IMG_5066PicMonkey CollageIMG_5042IMG_5065IMG_5046IMG_5063IMG_5078IMG_5064IMG_5077IMG_5084IMG_5079IMG_5080IMG_5054

Hat: Brixton via Back to Back PRCamel coat: vintageSweater: Zoe KarssenJeans: ZaraShoes: Garment ProjectBag: Gianni ChiariniGlasses: Komono via Back to Back PRWatch: Olivia Burton

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