Happy Happy Joy Joy!

img_8425Summer is over, everyone is sad, so let’s all go out for dinner!! Dinner always makes me so happy. I think it’s so intimate and joyful. I want to share with you Amsterdams’ latests new treasure: HappyHappyJoyJoy. A brand new asian restaurant where ‘the colourful streets of the Asian Metropolitans come together in this extremely trendy new restaurant’.

I really love Asian food, everything is just so delicious. I also think it’s so cosy to share food and to have all kinds of little dishes on your table. And for the ones who can never choose beween dishes this is perfect, you simply can choose them all! Because I’m one of those people I ordered a lot of dishes, because well… I wanted to. 😉

Here are my dishes:

  • Chon Kuun
  • Loeng Kuun
  • Sui Long Pao
  • Shrimps in Panang Curry
  • Hot & Spicy Shrimps
  • Chicken wings
  • img_8427 img_8428 img_8429 img_8430 img_8431 img_8432

This restaurant has two locations, one on the Bilderdijkstraat and one on the Oostelijke Handelskade. Have a look at their menu here!


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