The best Christmas presents

Hey guys, also super excited for Christmas?! Well, I am! I love Christmas so much that I’m already looking forward to it since October. I think it’s just so cosy with all the lights and all the decorations everywhere. Also, Amsterdam is always beautifully decorated when it’s Christmas. You should go to The Dam Square if you are in Amsterdam! And after that, have a walk through the ‘Spiegelstraat’ and the ‘Spiegelgracht’. Everything is so beautiful.

I love Christmas shopping, so I thought: let’s blog about it!

My favorite shops to buy Christmas decorations in Amsterdam are ‘De Bijenkorf’ and ‘Sissyboy’. They have the most impressive Christmas baubles and decorations, but indeed, crazy expensive. Also this year I saw at Nuvo Niche the most amazing Christmas baubles: fruit for in your Christmas tree! Buy them now!picmonkey-collage1

I always try to buy extraordinary presents for my friends and family. I love to surprise them with crazy stuff instead of a book. So, here are some tips:

  • img_1312Buy the most crazy and extraordinary jewelry at Nach Bijoux. I immediately loved this brand because these jewels are just unique! I especially love their earrings. I have the Leopard earrings and I think they are just amazing. Buy yours here.
  • Want to surprise your friend with the most luxurious scarfs or shirts or with an amazing pillow? Have a look at Silken Favours. Stunning prints and designs and everything is silky!
  • Not only Nuvo Niche has stunning Christmas baubles, they are now designing their own clothing line and they have the nicest decorations and accessories for your house AND they have products for men, so is you don’t know what to buy for your boyfriend? Have a look at Nuvo Niche. 
  • Mode Musthaves is one of my favorite online shopping platforms. Not only they have super fashionable clothes, they also have all kinds of nice accessories and the most needed ‘must-haves’. I always want everything from that site!
  • My favorite Dutch brand: Fabienne Chapot. Formally known as Fab makes me want to spend so much money on their designs that I will be broke for ages.schermafbeelding-2016-12-19-om-14-03-47
  • As you might have seen on my Instagram I have a new watch from Nicole Vienna. I am so happy with it. I love the design and it fits with everything. Have your own here.
  • I always buy my jewelry at Anna + Nina. That’s my favorite store to buy jewels. I love everything from it. Also an amazing site to buy jewelry: Earcraft. I have the Gold Wrapped Hoops and the Gold Hammered Hoops. img_1316
  • Want to surprise your friend with some sexy and luxury lingerie? Have a look at Love Stories. Do I need to say more?
  • Also really lovely: surprise your friend with art-food. I got these wonderful chocolate Christmas ball and look how delicious they look. img_1317
  • mimiLast but definitely not least: Mimi et Toi. I am in love with signet rings and Mimi et Toi has the best! My favorites are the Owl ring and the Oval plain ring. Also the earrings are so cute!

Hope this will help you all finding some nice presents for your friends! I wish you all a very merry Christmas! x

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