A wonderful stay in Zoe Hotel, Berlin

img_2179This was the first time I’ve been in Berlin. I wanted to go to Berlin so badly, because everybody always told me they loved it, that it was a really cool and raw city and that made me so curious. All about that in my next blogpost, but first I want to show you the hotel I stayed in. img_2182img_2180img_2175I stayed in the Zoe Hotel by Amano Group. There are various hotels by Amano Group in Berlin. What I loved about Zoe Hotel is that it is perfectly located: in Mitte, close to the Alexanderplatz, the Berliner Dom and the Fernsehturm. From there you can walk to all of the sights or take the s-bahn on the Hackescher Markt.img_2178The hotel is so beautiful. Everything is black-gold decorated and that makes the hotel so mysterious, in my opinion. My room was very luxurious and it had an amazing bath! I always love it when hotels have baths in the bathroom, because here in Amsterdam I don’t have a bath (yet). In the dining room they have a see-through fireplace, also very nice! img_2174img_2172img_2173img_2177They also have such a great rooftop. I think when you visit the Zoe Hotel in summertime you can chill on the rooftop the whole evening with a great view over Berlin, but now it was way too cold for that. You can rent bikes at Zoe Hotel, which is perfect because Berlin is very bike friendly. For only 10€ a day you got yourself a bike. In the hotel is a great Gin-Tonic bar where they have all kinds of amazing Gin Tonics. I loved it.img_2186img_2184img_2181

Click here for more about Zoe Hotel.

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