Trending new bee: Enji

Elegance in your hands Hi there! Today I have something really exciting! Now that it’s going to be autumn soon I always love to think about what to wear at this time of the year and which colors I can combine. When it’s autumn I always love warm colors like: dark or burgundy red, orange, dark […]

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Spotted: Wauw&Lulu

As I said before: you can’t have enough bags. I think you need to have a few types of bags: the chique and classy ones; the currently trendy ones; and a bag like this one: the simple and minimalistic bags; The last type of bags is the one which create a whole new level in the bag-world. Just […]

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Fav Fab: my newest love

Bags, bags bags! Can’t have enough of them! I always wanted a nice, not cheapy leopard bag and this one has fulfilled my wish! I have always wanted a Fab bag and now I finally have one! I’ll tell you all about my love affair with this cutie. Fabienne Chapot always had the dream to […]

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My Mura Pehnec handbag

Hello March! Spring is coming so I’m already extending my spring-closet! And this beautiful handbag perfectly fits in my spring collection! A few days ago I received this treasure and I immediately fell in love with it! Mura Pehnec is a Croatian fashion designer and every handbag of Mura Pehnec is unique and expertly handmade, beautifully […]

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