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DSC_0020I’m so sorry I haven’t been blogging for a while… I was so busy with my exams and with studying… And even if I had the time to blog, it would have been so freakin’ boring, because I have seriously done nothing the past two weeks… I think my highlight was when I baked a brownie last weekend and Mothersday… Pretty boring and frustrating.

Well, about my exams: they went okay. I couldn’t say they went good, because while I was making my first exam I found out that I might have a little performance anxiety… So, let’s see when I receive my grades. The subjects I had were: economics, math, French, English, Dutch, art history and History. Wednesday I had my last exam and it was such a relief when it was finally done!

Well, something which is quite nice: this Thursday I’m traveling to Ibiza!!! I am so exited to finally go back to that amazing island and finally have vacation and relax on the beach for days and days! The first time I went there was I think four years ago… And I fell in love with that amazing island! I’m also planning to make a ‘Top 10 Stylish spots on Ibiza’, so I have some pretty amazing subjects in mind! You’ll see all about it on my Instagram! Keep an eye on my Instagram, because I’m thinking about streaming it on Periscope while I’m packing MyStyleSuiDSC_0994tcase for Ibiza!

Because now I have all the time of my life and nothing to do, a few days ago, I baked donuts with a friend. They were so beautiful and so delicious! I loved them! I could recommend it to everyone! It seems very hard and difficult, but actually, it’s pretty easy. And it’s fun!

At this moment I’m hanging out at our cottage in Loosdrecht. It’s only 30 kilometers from Amsterdam, but it feels like a real holiday trip when we go there. It is so quiet and relaxing! We have two boats there: one rubber boat and a fisherman’s boat. It is so much fun! It is on a lake side so we can also swim in the summer! We have been sailing over the water the whole day and it was such a beautiful weather.

Tomorrow I’ll be packing MyStyleSuitcase for Ibiza, so look after my Insta!

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