Weekdiary | Christmas

Hello everybody! Christmas is coming and I’m getting more and more excited everyday! Because this is my favorite season, I always love to make it as big as possible. Every year again I buy new Christmas decoration and I just love to walk through all the Christmas departments in general. If you are visiting Amsterdam during the Christmas period, I can tell you: you are very lucky. I can guarantee you that you will have a wonderful time here! Between the Christmas days and New Years Eve, I always plan a little trip to London, just like this year. I love London during the Christmas season, because they make the best of it: everywhere you look you see all kinds of little lights and candles, Christmas trees, Christmas music. I just love it! It is so wonderful. But Amsterdam comes close to London.

Every year around Christmas I go to ‘De Bijenkorf’ to buy some new baubles. Which is totally unnecessary, because I have already thousands of baubles and other decorations, but I love it so much. This year I wanted to be a little more careful. With a lot of effort I bought less baubles than the last few years, but I succeeded. The Christmas department at De Bijenkorf is just insane. They have seriously the most beautiful baubles I’ve ever seen. So if you want to buy beautiful Christmas decorations and a bit more expensive baubles, visit De Bijenkorf!

Rings are from Addicted To jewelry.

Also Sissyboy has a great Christmas department and Hema has also all kinds of lovely Christmas decorations, which are not expensive at all!

If you love ice skating, you can visit several ice rinks in Amsterdam. You have Ice*Amsterdam, at the Museumplein, the Jaap Eden baan and an ice rink at the Leidseplein. For the professionals, you should go to the Jaap Eden baan, but it’s also very nice to ice skate just for fun!

Besides the rink at the Museumplein, you also have a really cute and pretty huge Christmas
market there!Canal

The Amsterdam Light Festival is also worthwhile to visit. In these cold and dark winter months, several light artists transform Amsterdam into a lovely and magical light-city. You can walk the route or go by boat. I recommend to go by boat, because you travel through the little canals of Amsterdam, so you can experience something very magical.

Spiegelgracht by Daan Vazquez

My favorite Christmas spot in Amsterdam is definitely the Spiegelgracht. It’s just so amazing during Christmas time. Little lights in the trees and the Spiegelstraat is also just incredibly beautiful.

If you don’t know what to bake this Christmas, here is a very easy and quick last-minute recipe! A few days ago I baked some delicious cookies, which were so easy to make! It was so much fun decorating the cookies with icing and stuff.


  • 2 cups of softened butter
  • 1 cup of white sugar
  • 2 ts vanilla
  • 4 cups flour
  • Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F/180 degrees C.
  • Mix all ingredients till you have a sticky ball.
  • Roll your dough and create all kinds of cute figures with you little baking moulds!

Easy recipe right? Easy, but so much fun! I bought icing in several colors and searched for some inspiration on the internet. According to your fantasy you can decorate the cookies as funny or beautiful as you like! Here is the result:

IMG_2072 IMG_2077IMG_2076

Have a wonderful, merry and peaceful Christmas! X

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