My new year’s resolutions


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope you all had the best New Years Eve one can imagine! Mine was great! Sorry for the late blogpost, but better late than sorry! Because everyone is so busy with their New Year’s resolutions, I thought it is nice to share my resolutions with you. Now that the year 2016 has started I see way more people jogging and the gym is way more crowded. But this year I haven’t got any healthy sporty  resolutions or whatever. This year I just have one resolution and I think it’s not an easy one: this year I want to think more positively.

I think it’s important to have a positive mindset. Your mind can so easily play with you and your emotions. It can make you feel bad and awful in such short notice. And it’s so unnecessary to think negative. For example: you better think you can succeed in something, because if you don’t you surely never will succeed. With a positive mindset, you have a better chance increasing your chances of success and achieving your dreams.

I know how easily your mind can play with you and make you go crazy. Everytime something bad happens to you or you think negative, try to turn it around to something positive. I think this will help you. Let me introduce you to I Love My Type!


I Love My Type is a Danish brand. I think that says enough: madly stylish, creative and most of all positive! I received several products from I Love My Type and they are all so awesome! I received the Gratitude Journal, the Goals Journal, the Happiness Boosters, the Compliment Cards and the most incredible Bloom Poster ever!! I am so excited about this collaboration, because I think the concept of all these products is so positive and I want to give my followers some of this positivity!


The Goals Journal is so handy. If you have a great idea or if you are busy with school, work or whatever, you can write it down. I think if you write it down in this Goals Journal it will help you to reach your goal more easily, because you sort of confirm it. And both of the journals are pocket-size, so you can take it with you!IMG_2132IMG_2130IMG_2131

The cards are also super and so positive. The compliment cards will help you to remind that you are a great person and that you have to believe in yourself. The Happiness Boosters will help you to question yourself how you can make everyday special and to keep you mind positive. I’m completely into it. I would recommend these products to anyone and I think it’s also a very special gift for the ones you love. IMG_2128 IMG_2127IMG_2129

I do a lot of yoga and one day I read this quote:

‘Everything you pay attention to, grows’

You can see it in a positive way, like if you are paying a lot of attention to your work, it will definitely go better, but you can also see it in a negative way: if you think about all the things you don’t like or about the things that make you feel bad, the negative feelings will grow more negative, because you give it attention and let it be in your head. If you try to ignore those thoughts and feelings or just think: ‘okay, I have these negative feelings. So? Just let it go.’ it won’t grow.

I hope this blogpost will inspire you to just be yourself and be different. And if you feel down, try to think positive. I know it’s hard, but if you try it everytime I can ensure you: it will go more easily everytime!

Little pink box: Treasure Tin from MakeHistory
Lip balm: Herbivore


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