My healthy weekly workout

IMG_4820For a while now I have been working out with my personal trainer Jurgen Paulusma. When I was younger I always did sports, like tennis, swimming, street dance, hiphop, ballet, skating, gymnastics, boxing. I liked it all, but I never was that motivated. One day I subscribed for the gym. I initially hated the gym. The idea of it is great, but after a few weeks I actually didn’t go to the gym anymore but every month there was still taken away €30 from my bank account. Let’s look at it this way: with that money I could have bought all kinds of nice clothes right? Such a waste!

Jurgen told me that most of the people who work out don’t really know what they are doing. Sporting, loosing weight and creating more muscles is more than only lifting weights and running like a freak on the treadmill. It’s about the right motions, respiration and the right pose. And also if you are training in a pose where your whole body is working and trying hard, you burn way more calories. See it like an engine. If only one engine is working you have a limited amount of combustion. But if there are working 3 or 4 engines, you have a lot of combustion. The same with your body.

Because I want to encourage all of you to work out: please train with someone who knows what he’s doing. By training with Jurgen only in 4 weeks I already see results and I feel much better.

TRX chest pressIMG_5002

TRX bicep curlIMG_5015IMG_5014

TRX atomic push-up

IMG_5007 IMG_5006

TRX chest press to standing fallout

IMG_5004 IMG_5003

TRX lunge


TRX squad


TRX single leg squad




Lunge crossover IMG_5019 IMG_5018

Location: Vondelpark

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