Roadtrip along the Highway One

After Los Angeles we traveled up north to San Francisco. When I was organizing and planning this trip I searched for all the beautiful spots on the Internet and soon I knew that 5 days were way too less for this beautiful route.

We cruised along the highway in this sexy beast:

Here are the 14 most beautiful stops between LA and SF

  • Malibu, our first stop after Santa Monica. I really loved the beach here.
  • Santa Barbara. This little village has a cute little Fisherman’s Wharf and a nice beach. Want to go shopping? Go to State Street, a beautiful and very luxurious shopping street.
  • Solvang, a Danish little village. This is definitely one of my favorite stops. It’s magical. Out of nowhere you are surrounded in the middle of a Danish colony. The route from Santa Barbara to Solvang is also amazing. You have to leave the Highway One for a highway through the outback and those ways are so beautiful. IMG_6491IMG_7660
  • Pismo beach. We stayed at a hotel on Dolphin Beach, a great place to surf. 
  • IMG_6516
  • Madonna Inn, the craziest hotel on earth. We didn’t stay here, but I had to visit this crazy hotel. Think about pink tennis courts, the most colourful dining rooms and what I loved the most was that every room had its own theme. There was also a Dutch theme. Great!  Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
  • Morro Bay. The famous rock. Great on the pictures and probably great when the weather is nice, but when we visited this place we could only see this: IMG_7662
  • You’ll come across Harmony, it has a population of only 18 people!
  • Hearst Castle, located in San Simeon. This is also a must. It’s a huge building, sort of a real castle where William Randolph Hearst lived, a great press lord. This place is also crazy. This William Hearst was so rich, he didn’t know what to do with his money anymore. So he build a castle with 56 bedrooms, 61 bathrooms, 19 living rooms, a huge library, two amazing pools, his own airstrip and a zoo with exotic animals. Now you can admire this place with a great historic tour. A must! IMG_7667IMG_7665
  • Big Sur, go to the McWay Falls. The most beautiful place on earth. We stayed at Glen Oaks Big Sur. A beautiful resort in the middle of the redwood forests. More about Glen Oaks in the next blogpost.

    McWay Falls
  • Bixby Bridge
  • Carmel By The Sea, a lovely cute little village. Not nice to shop or to do things, but just to walk around and go to the beach and have a coffee for lunch. Crazily expensive though! 
  • Pebble Beach 
  • Monterey
  • Santa Cruz, this was our last stop before we went to Frisco. I loved Santa Cruz. Their famous boardwalk is also one of my favorites! It’s not necessary to buy a ticket, because you have access to the boardwalk anyway, but you can’t go in the attractions without a ticket. 

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