Find me as a Herbivore

Herbivores only eat plants. That’s why Julia Wills and Alex Kummerow named their company Herbivore Botanicals. Because their products are made of plant-based and natural ingredients. I love the concept, because it’s honest and fair. For me it’s always very important to know where my beauty products come from and what they consist of. I never buy […]

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Hidden Treasures | Amsterdam

Most people know Amsterdam from the canals, the museums and the Red Light District, but as every other city Amsterdam has way more than that. Here is one of the rough sides of Amsterdam. I went to the Havenstraat, where you can find plenty of containers, industrial buildings, a historic museum-tram and, best of all: a […]

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Style guide: London

Hello! As you all know I’ve been to London two weeks ago and here is my three-days diary from my amazing trip! Every year I go to London and every year it’s even more special. The last few years I actually went to London for a short New-Year’s-Shopping-Trip, just like this year. I’ve already seen all the […]

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My new year’s resolutions

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope you all had the best New Years Eve one can imagine! Mine was great! Sorry for the late blogpost, but better late than sorry! Because everyone is so busy with their New Year’s resolutions, I thought it is nice to share my resolutions with you. Now that the year 2016 has started I see […]

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MyStyleTrip to London

Hi there! Tomorrow I am going to London and I am so EXCITED!! I go back to London, for a short, but amazing shopping trip. It’s our little tradition to go to London during the Christmas period. Not only because London is freaking amazing during Christmas, also because the sale is crazy. I thought it would […]

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Weekdiary | Christmas

Hello everybody! Christmas is coming and I’m getting more and more excited everyday! Because this is my favorite season, I always love to make it as big as possible. Every year again I buy new Christmas decoration and I just love to walk through all the Christmas departments in general. If you are visiting Amsterdam during […]

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The perfect Christmas presents

Hello there. Christmas is coming and I can’t wait until it’s here. I think I start looking forward to this time of the year immediately after the summer vacation. The Christmas period is definitely my favorite time of the year. In The Netherlands we also celebrate ‘Sinterklaas’. It’s pretty much the same as Christmas, but in The […]

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A little trip to Aachen

As you might have noticed, a few weeks ago I went to Aachen for three days. I saw a theater play of The Westside Story there. A friend of mine played a role in that production, so that was the reason I decided to spend a long weekend in Aachen. Aachen is not a very special town, but […]

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Belweder: equitable beauty

When talking about make-up, I’m always very selective. I think it’s very important to use good-quality make-up and to keep your skin very clean and well cared. I love to try new beauty products. I’m always testing all kinds of make up and always trying something new. When Belweder approached me, I was super excited about testing […]

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